FeatureD Vocals

"Vahana", Light Blue Movers, Atlas (2016)

"Prepare", Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Funk Ain't Ova ( 2015)


“Mr. Big Sun”, Boca 45, Single (2015, Digga Please)

“Kontredans, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Jazz Racine Haiti (2014, Motema)

“Day Into Night”, Katalyst, Deep Impressions (2011)

"Feel so free", "Forget Regret", "Rainbow", "I Don't Know"
Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Rise Above (2010, Dreyfus)

Friend And Lover, Yosuke Onuma, Jam Ka (2010)

"Broken", Randolph, Echoes (Of Lonely Eden) ( 2010, Still Music)

“I Believe”, 45 A.K.A. Swing-O, The Revenge of Soul (2009)

“Say What You Feel”, Katalyst, What's Happening (2007)

“Generation Y (We Got It)”, Shy Child, Noise Won't Stop (2007)

“Love”, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Soné Ka-La (2006, Universal France)

“Peace and Quiet”, DJ Spinna, Intergalactic Soul (2006)

“The Fear, Stereo MC's, Paradise (2005)

“Something's Wrong”, Michel Benita, Drastic (2005)

“In The City”, Boca 45, Pitch Sounds (2004, Grand Central)

Time, Scratch Perverts, feat. Black thought, Mos def and Mckay, Come Get It (2004)

Forget Regret, Roy Hargrove, The RH Factor (2003, Verve)

"Shockbody", Talib Kweli, Quality ( 2002, Rawkus)

Excess, Tricky feat. Stephanie Mckay and Alanis Morrissette, Blowback (2001, Hollywood)

Romantic, Soulive, Doin' Something (2001, Blue Note)

A Brighter Day, “Aftermath”, Ronny Jordan, A Brighter Day (2000, Blue Note)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Make Them Like It (2000)

Bă•ko Babies, Love Is The Reason (1999, Minor Music)

Joy and Pain, Tom Browne, R 'N' Browne (1999)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials, In The Buzzbag (1998)

“Simply A Man” and “Ooh La La”, Lectroluv,  The Return Of Lectroluv (1996)

Everyday, Harlem Drive, Rhythm On My Mind (1996)

From New York To L.A., N.Y.L.A., Single (1995, BMG)

"Your Love Runs Deep",  NYC, 12" Single ( 1995, Deeper Records)

The Morning After, 3rd Chapter, 12" Single ( 1995, Vestry Records)

I Surrender ( All My Love), High Society, 12" Single ( 1993, Project X)

"You're My Reason" Lil Louis and the World,  Journey With the Lonely (1992, Epic)


“Where Did Our Love Go”, with Anthony Hamilton, Tell It Like It Is (2008)

Heaven, with Amp Fiddler, Afro-Strut (2006)


Joan As A Police Woman, The Classic (2014) and The Deep Field (2010)

Taylor Dayne, Satisfied (2008)

Drugs, The Prescription for Mis-America (2008)

Ultra Naté, Brass in Pocket (2003) and Stranger Than Fiction (2000)

Lonnie Gordon, No Regret (2000)

Nomad, Songman (1999)

Khaled, Kenza (1999)

 Lenny White, Present Tense (1995)


“Friend And Lover, Yosuke Onuma, Jam Ka (2010) Sony, Japan 

I Believe”, 45 A.K.A. Swing-O, The Revenge of Soul (2009)

Dedicated, Taylor Dayne, Satisfied (2008)

Peace and Quiet, DJ Spinna, Intergalactic Soul (2006)

The Fear, Stereo MC's, Paradise (2005)

In The City, Boca 45, Pitch Sounds (2004)

Bă•ko Babies, Love Is The Reason (1999)


Bă•ko Babies, Love Is The Reason (1999)