Thank you to everyone !! "Song in my heart" New EP released today !

Dear Friends, 

"It's a family affair" My new ep includes a song written by my son Ezra and a feature on saxophone by my husband Jacques Schwarz-bart . Song in my heart also features some of the best musicians in our community. Jonathon Maron, Fred Cash, Renee Trenier, Light blue movers Jonathon Levy, Deron Johnson, Gabriel Gordon and Adrian Harpham.  

Thank you so much for your generosity, encouragement and support. Today is a day I have dreamed about for a long time.  It's taken me two years to get to this release.  So thankful and so grateful.  Listen to my new Ep Song in my heart  

Many thanks for our great SofarBoston show

Thank you to Matt, Brandon, Belinda, and Tanvi and the whole staff at SofarBoston for another AMAZING live show. Thank you to all the people who came out to the Tankdesign to share this special evening of live music. Last night we shared the bill with the talented duo The Gentle Temper, Berklee College of music graduates, as well as Boston finalists in 2018's Tiny desk contest. After seeing their set, it is clear why. Check our their music and vote for their tiny desk here.  Thank you to Million Miles on tour from the UK, she's a mother out here manifesting her dreams. Much respect, Sophia, loved your set, soulful voice and well crafted songs. You can check out her music here. Last but not least, Thank you to Ronajit Chaliha a sophomore student at Berklee college of music who I am truly honored to be playing music with here in Boston. Remember his name. 

My New EP "Song in my heart" released worldwide June 15th

I am so excited to share my new ep "Song in my heart" will be released worldwide on June 15th on the Modern Icon/ Ropeadope label. This new ep was made possible by 81 special souls who believed in my work and helped me by donating funds through my Pledge music campaign. 

 This album was recorded in a small New York apartment on 42nd street Called Terminator A studios with an all star cast of  talented musicians. The album was produced by Adrian Harpham who also plays drums and features Light blue Movers Members Gabriel Gordon on Guitar,  Jonathan Levy on bass, Deron Johnson on drums, Fred Cash on bass, Jonathon Maron on Bass, Renee Trenier on background vocals, George Lax on keys, Bobby Sparks on keys, Jacques Schwarz-bart on tenor saxophone, and Leyeux

Thank you all so much 

September 23rd Word Rock and Sword Festival NYC

Pleas join us for The 7th annual "Word Rock and Sword Festival" at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. I will sing as part of the Toshi Reagon and Big lovely band. So pleased to join my fellow sisters in celebrating great women's work in the world of music, writing, dance, align with inspiring workshops and seminars.

I love begin a part of this event. I always leave with my spirit lifted higher than it was before and a renewed hope for what is possible in the world. Thank you Toshi for starting this gathering where women can celebrate what we are accomplishing in this world. 

Live Filming for So Far Sounds NYC!

So excited to play So far sounds for the second time this Saturday, September 9th in SOHO NYC. You can make a reservation for a ticket through their website at At this show, we are performing four songs that will be taped for their website and Youtube channel. Looking forward to seeing you there!

June 15th -Joe's pub A Benefit for the Restorative Center

So excited to be working with Shailly Agnihotri and The Restorative Center again.

The Restorative Center advances a grassroots movement of Restorative Justice Using Community Circles to reclaim justice. Shailly spent more than 20 years as an attorney in criminal justice through working as a prosecutor in Orleans Parish as well as teaching at Georgetown Law school. Stephanie Mckay and the call with my special guest ( my husband ) Jacques Schwarz-bart will celebrate the accomplishments and the 2nd year anniversary of this inspiring organization. Thank you Shailly for you courage and commitment. You can find out more about at this link

June 3rd Central Park Summerstage with Toshi Reagon and Mavis Staples

I couldn't ask for a better birthday gift than to play music on the same stage with these two spirit movers, heart shape shifters. Mavis Staple is a legend and an icon. Toshi Reagon is "music for your life" Literally and figuratively.  Toshi is family, we go way back to the 90's in New York together, playing The Fez and CBGB's.

It's a free show on June 3rd so I hope we will see you at Central Park Summerstage 6-10pm. The entrance is near 72nd street via 5th avenue. Did I mention it was free. Not to be missed. You can find out more show details here

So Far Sounds

Thank you Sofarsounds NYC!! What a beautiful evening! The room was electric and YOU the audience were so generous, listening with opne heart, mind and soul. ! It was such a pleasure to meet all of you. An absolute joy to play with Adrian Harpham, Masa Shimuizu and Caitlin Oliver-Gans again. Tacuma Bradly and Lindsey Luff it was so inspiring watching your set. For those of you who missed it! Tacuma improvised his whole set which was a marvel to watch and Lindsey Luff wrote some story songs that were raw to the bone with emotion. I can't wait to play another one. It was a little terrifying to have people that close to you as you sing but by the end I was hooked and couldn't imagine performing any other way.


Dear Friends, From now until June 27th, If you pre-order my new album at, you;ll be able to get a FREE ticket to my Joe;s pub performance on June 28th. Only 20 more days to go before my campaign closes.

When you pledge you get an All Access backstage pass to see photos, hear new music first, and get a free ticket to my upcoming show! Make your pledge today to get your name in the liner notes and help me make the next album! Thank you so much for your support.

In gratitidue and love, Stephanie




June 21st free outdoor show MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK

On June 21st, Stephanie Mckay and The Call will play MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK which is a free outdoor festival that takes place all across the five boroughs on Joe's PUB stage near (Astor place and Broadway). Our set will start at 11AM. sharp and we will play for 45 minutes. Also playing on this stage will be fellow PUBCLUB 2016 members, Celisse Henderson at 12pm and Kaylyn Marie Scardefield 1pm Be sure to stay for their sets as well. These two artists are great! Hope to see you there!

Light Blue Movers released on March 16th on Rope a Dope records.

My new music collaboration with Light Blue Movers "Vahana" has just been playlisted on London Jazz radio. Check out the link below to hear it played on the radio for the first time! Much respect to all the members and guests on Light Blue Movers new album to be released March 16th on Rope a dope records. Much respect to Tony Minvielle and the Saturday Night experience for being one of the first DJ's to play Vahana!

Tickets now on Sale @ Joe's Pub -A Benefit for the Resotrative Justice Center

On May 5th, Please join me at Joe's Pub for a Benefit concert to raise funds for The Restorative Center at Joe's Pub at 7pm. The Restorative Center advances a grassroots movement of Restorative Justice through Community circles to nurture bonds, repair harm, and heal rifts. Holding space for teens, communities, families and the incarcerated to come together in a new way. You can purchase tickets at Joe's pub website


New music with Light Blue movers March 16th

Check out my new upcoming collaboration with "Light Blue Movers" which will be released on March 16th on Rope a dope Records. The song is entitled "Vahana". This album was produced by Adrian Harpham, and "Light Blue Movers" band members include Deron Johnson, Gabriel Gordon, and Jonathan Levy. The song "Vahana" also features Jacques Schwarz-bart on tenor saxophone.

Toshi Reagon 35th Annual Birthday Celebration @ Joe's pub

Its Toshi Reagon's Birthday!! I am so inspired and joyful each time I get to play with some of New York's most talented and purposeful musicians. Alex Nolan on (guitar), Alice Miller on (drums), Ganessa James on (bass), Juliet Jones (violin), Dr. Judith Casselberry on (guitar and vocals), Catherine Russell on (vocals and mandoln), Marcel Davies- Lashley on (vocals and tamborine) Check out their webpages and music. There are two bands during the five show celebration. "All Women All the time" and " Toshi's Classic Biglovely band that have played with her for over 30 years. The musicians in this ensemble will be the great Adam Widoff, Fred Cash and Robert Burke with Marcel Davies Lashley, Dr. Judith Casselberry and myself on vocals. The last Sacred Music show annual Birthday celebration will conclude with Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon the founder of "Sweet honey and the Rock" as special guest on Sunday! This show is sold out! As will all of the shows!  So please join our family and share the love for artist and activist Toshi Reagon.