Toshi Reagon 35th Annual Birthday Celebration @ Joe's pub

Its Toshi Reagon's Birthday!! I am so inspired and joyful each time I get to play with some of New York's most talented and purposeful musicians. Alex Nolan on (guitar), Alice Miller on (drums), Ganessa James on (bass), Juliet Jones (violin), Dr. Judith Casselberry on (guitar and vocals), Catherine Russell on (vocals and mandoln), Marcel Davies- Lashley on (vocals and tamborine) Check out their webpages and music. There are two bands during the five show celebration. "All Women All the time" and " Toshi's Classic Biglovely band that have played with her for over 30 years. The musicians in this ensemble will be the great Adam Widoff, Fred Cash and Robert Burke with Marcel Davies Lashley, Dr. Judith Casselberry and myself on vocals. The last Sacred Music show annual Birthday celebration will conclude with Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon the founder of "Sweet honey and the Rock" as special guest on Sunday! This show is sold out! As will all of the shows!  So please join our family and share the love for artist and activist Toshi Reagon.